On the road: Babylon

On the road: Babylon

The following is the ideal technical rider for Babylon. Technical details and local crew
requirements may be re-negotiated depending on the specific circumstances of the venue.

Touring crew:
– 2 actors (Minna Puolanto and Hanna Seppä)
– 1 technician (in most cases the group’s own technician Juha Tuisku)
– In addition, the director of the performance sometimes tours with the group
Local crew (requested):
– 1 stage hand (working approx. one hour at the beginning of set up and one hour during teardown)
– 1 lighting technician (for the duration of set up)
– 1 sound technician (available for wireless mic check and mix)
The size of the local crew can be re-evaluated from situation to situation, for example if the
stage is especially small, or if more than one performance has been scheduled.

– A minimum of 5-8 hours should be reserved for set up.
– In special circumstances a ‘lighter’ version of the piece may be set up in 5 hours, depending
on availability of technical resources and local crew.
– Tear-down time 1 hour.

Scenographic elements:
– A 7 x 6 meter linen carpet will be attached to the floor of the venue. There are a total of 3
rolled up carpets (2 x 7 meters each). The three pieces are attached to each other with gaffer
tape, and the complete carpet is attached to the floor by its edges with dance mat tape. Tape
should be provided by the venue.
– Other scenographic elements: dressing screens, a bench and a fake plastic plant. 2 theatre
weights are required to weigh down the screens, and two additional 30cm zip ties are needed
to attach the screens to each other. The bench is secured to the the floor with four screws. If
the bench cannot be attached with screws, gaffer tape may be used instead.
– The back of the stage should have a black curtain (fire proofed molleton or otherwise). Other
colours may also be considered if available. If possible, the performers will pull back the
curtain in the foreground to reveal another curtain or projection screen in the final scene of
the performance. The curtain or projection screen underneath should be a different colour
(red or white, for example) – the performers will then crawl underneath this curtain /
projection screen to leave the stage. If the otherwise hidden curtain / projection screen
cannot be lifted, the foreground black curtain will not be parted, and the performers will
crawl underneath the foreground curtain instead when exiting the stage in the final scene.
– The performance may be readjusted for smaller spaces, in which case the linen carpet may
not be used.
– The time needed for setting up scenographic elements is approx. 1 hour.

– Adapted to appropriately fit the local venue from the lighting plot (attached).

  • Lighting plot 1 (.pdf)
  • Lighting plot 2 (.pdf)
  • Sound:
    – Amplification of two actor’s voices, using wireless lavalier mics.
    – Required technical equipment from the venue: 1 wireless handheld microphone, 2
    wireless lavalier microphones, 1 small speaker, all necessary cabling and a microphone stand.
    – We will bring: (1 small speaker and necessary cabling if unavailable from venue), carrying
    pouches for the wireless mic transmitters.
    Running the show:
    – The group’s own technician prefers to run both the sound and light, provided that the sound
    and lighting consoles can be placed side by side. The wireless mics should be mixed by local

    Contact details:
    – Minna Puolanto (actor and main contact for the group, set up and scheduling details)
    tel. +35850 413 3341 / mpuolanto (at) gmail.com
    – Inka Virtanen (Production Assistant – publicity and marketing)
    tel. +35841 706 6323 / info (at) rednose.fi