Over 100 performances in Finland – this show is a Classic!

Trench Road


The audience laughs from the very beginning to the end. The actors improvise and build a good connection with the spectators. An absolutely fun, lovely performance.” – Satakunnan Kansa -newspaper

“If you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, it’s better to do both at the same time. Just great!” – Spectator

“Brightest, funniest and the most insightful theatre.”
— Theatre and Dance- magazine


Trench Road premiered in 2014 and became Red Nose Company’s breakthrough work. It ́s a story of a man who runs to save his marriage, the fragile dreams we all have and most importantly — LOVE.

Trench Road begins with a man stunned by divorce. He wants another chance with his wife and decides to get his family a dream house. This mission gets him into situations that just become more and more absurd. The clowns thrust themselves into the wonderful and horrible moments of domestic life, even revealing details of their own personal life. What would you do to save your marriage? The performance is spiced up with live music: the actors perform rock classics from Neil Young to U2 and Johnny Cash.

Kari Hotakainen is one of the most notable current Finnish writers. His novel Trench Road won both the Finlandia prize in 2002 and the Nordic Council Literature Prize in 2004. It reveals the essence of the Finnish way of life and mentality, with a gentle touch of irony.

Trench Road is directed by Otso Kautto. Kautto is a Helsinki-based writer, an awarded theatre director and performing poet. In 2018 Kautto was elected director of TTT Theatre in Tampere, which is one of the three national main theatres in the country. He has directed both in big theatres well as in small theatre groups, mostly at Theatre Quo Vadis and the Finnish National Theatre.

Duration: 1,5 – 2 hrs (incl. Intermission if wanted)
Age recommendation: For adults and young people 13 and up
Language: Finnish & English


On stage: Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama
Directed by: Otso Kautto
Dramaturgy: Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama
Text: Kari Hotakainen
English translation: Nely Keinänen
Costume Designer: Tuomas Lampinen
Light Design and Touring Manager: Jere Kolehmainen
Production: Niina Bergius, Anna Jauhola & Mika Vainio / Red Nose Company
Coproduction with: Teatteri Quo Vadis
Premiere: January 24, 2014, Theatre Avoimet Ovet, Helsinki


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