The return of the Little Red Riding Hood

The tale of the Little Red Riding Hood has been told for centuries. Now two clowns Babylon & Ré take this beloved story into their hands and tune it to the 21 century. Little Red Riding Hood receives a magical cape from her grandmother – it turns out to have superpower that helps in difficult situations. This show will investigate themes of trust and safety without forgetting joy and laughter.

We especially welcome for 6–12-year-old kids and their families.

On stage: Hanna Seppä and Minna Puolanto
Director: Niina Sillanpää
Script: working group
Light and sound design: Jere Kolehmainen
Costume design: Noora Salmi
Production: Red Nose Company / Elina Terho, Maija Kühn, Inka Virtanen
Graphical design: Ilari Kallinen

Length of the show: 60 minutes
Age recommendation: 6+
Language: suomi

Premiere at Kanneltalo 7.9.2023


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30.9.2023 14:00 Kanneltalo, Helsinki In Finnish
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30.9.2023 16:00 Kanneltalo, Helsinki In Finnish
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8.10.2023 14:00 Annantalo In Finnish
29.10.2023 15:00 Louhisali, Espoo In Finnish
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23.11.2023 11:00 Kuitinmäen peruskoulu, Espoo / KULPS In Finnish