Finnish tragedy has never been this much fun!

The Red Line

The Red Line is a story about voting, equality and the impossibility of politics – all delivered with a twinkle.

In a hilarious interpretation by the Red Nose Company of Ilmari Kianto’s classic Finnish novel, two clowns, Mike (Tuukka Vasama) and Zin (Timo Ruuskanen), take the audience on a journey through the rugged backwoods of Kainuu, armed with an electric guitar and an accordion.

Red Line has been directed by Otso Kautto. Kautto is a Helsinki-based writer, an awarded theatre director and performing poet. In 2018 Kautto was elected director of TTT Theatre in Tampere, which is one of the three national main theatres in the country. He has directed both in big theatres as well as in small theatre groups, mostly at Theatre Quo Vadis and the Finnish National Theatre.

Duration: 2 h, incl. intermission OR 1h 30 min, no intermission.
Recommended age: For adults and young people 13 and up
Languages: Finnish


On stage: Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama
Directing and dramaturgy by: Otso Kautto, Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama
Text: Ilmari Kianto and the crew
Light and sound design: Jere Kolehmainen
Production: Niina Bergius & Mika Vainio / Red Nose Company
Coproduction with: Theatre Quo Vadis
Premiere: Jan 22, 2016, at Theatre Avoimet Ovet, Helsinki



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10.10.2024 19:00 Teatteri Avoimet Ovet, Helsinki In Finnish
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