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The Emperor’s New Clothes


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10.10.2020 14:00 Teatteriravintola ILO, MIkkeli
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In 2017, the clown duo Mike & Zin created their interpretation of this classic fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. The performance immediately became a favorite for viewers of all ages. It has been invited to a number of festivals in 2019, and it’s still attracting large audiences all around Finland.

The performance reflects on the behavior of the masses, the mechanisms of lying and cheating, and the effect of power on people. The actors jump from one role into another and take viewers of all ages into consideration.

For children, The Emperor’s New Clothes is a funny and exciting story; for older viewers, it ́s more of a political satire — but one thing is universal and definite: the naked emperor’s butt will make us all laugh.

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a real feel-good performance. It brings the crown jewels of rock ‘n’ roll to the stage—this is your chance to see Elvis Presley together with H.C. Andersen making the audience clap their hands. So, sit back and enjoy the ride!

Duration: 1 h (no intermission)
Recommended age: 6–100 years old.
Language versions: Finnish, Swedish, English


Cast: Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama
Story: H.C.Andersen
Adapted and directed by Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama
Production: Niina Bergius, Tinni Torikka, Tuukka Vasama & Mika Vainio / Red Nose Company
Premiere: September 17, 2017, Aleksanterin Teatteri, Helsinki

Festivals: Assitej Nordic Fringe Kristiansand (Norway), Oulu Theatre Festival for Children and Youth, Kuulas – Childrens’ Theatre Festival


”An interpretation of a classic that is both anarchistic and loyal to the original proves that vanity, lying, desire to please and kissing up are still current and excellent themes.” (…) Clown-like anarchism also blossoms in the way the performers involve the young audience, speak to and even provoke them.”
—Turun Sanomat newspaper

“The performance was well-designed, respectful, and it did not underestimate anyones intellect, neither my 4-year-old daughters nor mine.”
– Spectator

“Skillful, clear, intelligent, funny, wow and yeah!”
– Teatteri & Tanssi -magazine (Theatre and Dance -magazine)


Timo Ruuskanen (b. 1973) holds a degree in acting from the Theatre Academy Helsinki. He’s based in Helsinki and does theater, television and movies. He has acted both in big theaters (the Finnish National Theatre, Helsinki City Theatre, Espoo City Theatre and Kuopio City Theatre) as well as in a number of theater groups. He specializes in clownery, improvisation and puppetry and also teaches them. He has also written and directed (several) plays.

Tuukka Vasama (b. 1978) holds a degree in acting from Theatre Acedemy Helsinki. He specializes in clownery, music, poetry, drama and live art. His monologue performances have been awarded in Germany (Thespis Monodrama Festival), Lithuania (Monobaltija Festival) and Finland. In 2018, he received the Artist of the Year Award from the City of Helsinki. He is a frequent guest on the Finnish Broadcasting Company Yle’s radio programs. Besides the big city theaters, Tuukka Vasama has always worked with the independent theaters, with a focus on acting, directing and producing.