The Emperor´s New Clothes

The Emperor's New Clothes

Premiere 17 September 2017 | The Alexander Theatre, Helsinki

The Emperor’s New Clothes is a real feel-good show. It brings the masterpieces of rock’n’roll to the stage – this is your chance to see Elvis Presley on stage together with H.C. Andersen!

Red Nose Company’s adaptation of  The Emperor’s New Clothes serves fresh perspectives to this beloved classic, and raises questions we all face when growing up and even as an adult. Why do we constantly seek admiration and acceptance? Why are we afraid to speak the truth? Why are fake news so interesting?

For children, The Emperor’s New Clothes is a funny and exciting story; for older spectators, it ́s more of a political satire. However one thing is universal and definite: the naked emperor’s bottom will make us all laugh. The Emperor’s New Clothes has a little, not so concealed, anarchy in it, and it reflects the themes of mass behaviour, the mechanisms of lying and cheating and the effects of dominion to an individual.

The popular show has been on tour since 2017, and it has been invited to numerous festivals both in Finland and abroad.


An interpretation of a classic that is both anarchistic and loyal to the original proves that vanity, lying, desire to please and kissing up are still current and excellent themes. – – Clown-like anarchism also blossoms in the way the performers involve the young audience, speak to and even provoke them. – West Finland’s biggest newspaper 

A very charming and light-hearted adaptation of a timeless tale. I really enjoyed this production and how it drew the audience in. –  Jury member of a festival 

It was good! Really, really good! – Spectator, 4 years

Touring information

Running time at full length 60 minutes

Intermission No

Stage required Height 4m, width 6m, depth 8m

Set up time max 5 hours

No. of people on tour 4

No. of performers 2

Language options English, Swedish, Finnish

Recommended ages 6–100

Touring season Negotiable

Availability for workshops Yes

The Emperor’s New Clothes is adaptable from its duration to the size of the stage. 

Key Personnel

Directed by Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama

Original story by H.C. Andersen

Text and dramaturgy Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama

Performers Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama

Light & sound design Jere Kolehmainen

Costume consultant Arja Könönen / Play It Again Sam

Production Niina Bergius, Tinni Torikka, Tuukka Vasama & Mika Vainio


Red Nose Company / The Emperor’s New Clothes / Ukko-Pekka Jaakkola

Red Nose Company / The Emperor’s New Clothes / Ukko-Pekka Jaakkola

Red Nose Company / The Emperor’s New Clothes / Ukko-Pekka Jaakkola