Premiere 18 November 2021 | Kanneltalo, Helsinki

RÈvolution is here and ready to give the stage to the Invisible Ones! 

RÉvolution is the second performance from the clown-duo Babylon and Ré. The performance studies the meaning of being seen through clownery and comedy. How one finds an own voice and how to make it heard? Whose responsibility is it to talk about oppression and can guilt be the force of change?

Introvert and shy Ré is musically oriented, helpful and adjustable, where Babylon is known for her passion for making Art on stage. Babylon is the expert in all areas and doesn’t let anyone forget that. Ré’s previous experiences as Babylon’s servant have finally led her to start a revolution. Ré takes the power into her hands and is in lead for the first time, and Babylon is forced to settle for a very unfamiliar and uncharacteristic supporting role.

The clown-duo is facing a turmoil of power structures when trying to cooperate with one another. What happens when the power has a new leader? How does Ré use her position and to what’s’ benefit? Will Ré be the pioneer of all oppressed? Whilst Ré is struggling in the riptides of guilt and privilege, Babylon focuses all her energy into serving Ré’s art of acting.

The performance is ready to tour in English in summer 2023. RÉvolution is an independent sequel to Babylon, which premiered in 2018.

Touring information

Running time at full length Approx. 120 minutes

Intermission Yes

Stage required Height 3m, width 7m, depth 6m

Set up time 5–8 hours

No. of people on tour 4

No. of performers 2

Language options English (summer 2023), Finnish

English subtitles available 

Recommended ages For adults and youth 13+

Touring season Negotiable

Availability for workshops Yes

key personnel

Directed by Niina Sillanpää

Text Minna Puolanto, Hanna Seppä & Niina Sillanpää

Dramaturgy Minna Puolanto, Milja Sarkola, Hanna Seppä & Niina Sillanpää

Performers Minna Puolanto & Hanna Seppä

Light & sound design Juha Tuisku

Costume designer and seamstress Virve Karoliina Balk

Stage design The crew

Production Red Nose Company

Co-production Kanneltalo, Lahti City Theatre, Lovers Theatre


Red Nose Company / RÉvolution / Photo by Mark Sergeev

Red Nose Company / RÉvolution / Photo by Mark Sergeev

Red Nose Company / RÉvolution / Photo by Mark Sergeev