Premiere 13 September 2021 | The Alexander Theatre, Helsinki

Welcome to the world of crazy scientists and groovy monsters with Finland’s best-known clown duo!

Red Nose Company’s Frankenstein is a playful interpretation of Mary Shelley’s classical story. The performance is filled with disco music, wonderful lights and reactive comedy. Together with the audience the actors build an exciting and far-out experience for the whole family.

Frankenstein is a central myth in our cultural history. It deals with the experience of otherness and the feeling of being different – something we all might be familiar with. In this performance, the young audiences are even led through the history and ethics of science.

Let the crazy fun begin!


Running time at full length Approximately 60 minutes

Intermission No

Stage required Height 4m, width 6m, depth 8m

Set up time max 5 hours

No. of people on tour 4

No. of performers 2

Language options English, Swedish, Finnish

Recommended ages 6–100

Touring season Negotiable

Availability for workshops Yes

Frankenstein is adaptable from its duration to the size of the stage. 

Key Personnel

Directed by Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama

Original story by Mary Shelley

Text and dramaturgy Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama

Performers Timo Ruuskanen & Tuukka Vasama

Light & sound design Jere Kolehmainen

Costumes Paula Koivunen

Production Inka Virtanen & Niina Bergius

Co-production Kanneltalo

Co-financed by The Arts Promotion Centre, Alli Paasikivi Foundation & Oskar Öflund Foundation



Tero Ahonen

Red Nose Company / Frankenstein / Photo by Tero Ahonen

Frankenstein / Red Nose Company / Photo by Cata Portin

Frankenstein / Red Nose Company / Photo by Cata Portin

Frankenstein / Red Nose Company / Photo by Cata Portin