Red Nose Company

The Hottest independent theatre in Finland

Red Nose Company´s shows combine theater clownery and physical comedy with storytelling, improvisation, live music and witty stand-up comedy. Our performances are intelligent, skillful, groovy and visually stunning.

We’ll entertain you and make you laugh. But we’re not afraid to tackle difficult subjects. Our performances have addressed, among other things, active feminism, domestic violence, racism, European identity, political populism and hate speech.

We`ve been on tour from 2008, and have performed to over 50 000 fans during last 5 years! We co-operate with all of the biggest theaters in Finland, including the National Theatre. Currently we have 5 shows running: Babylon, Don Quixote, Trench Road, Emperor´s New Clothes and Red Line.

We have performances available in Finnish, English, Swedish and Spanish. Join us and witness the Red Nose experience!

”Witty, bright and great fun!” – Theatre and Dance -magazine

”I’ve never laughed this much in theatre.” – spectator

Why Clowns?

Tuukka Vasama:

Our clown characters are built on our civilian selves. They’re made of the same ingredients, yet the outcome is something different. Onstage we use our traits and special qualities, even our private lives, to our advantage, but when we exaggerate and play with them, these real qualities change. In a way, I could say that my character Mike is more me than I am; as a clown, I can express my good and bad qualities shamelessly because I don’t feel the social obligation to be a certain way.

Mike & Zin

Photo: Veikko Somerpuro

The clown duo of Mike & Zin, created by actors Timo Ruuskanen (Zin) and Tuukka Vasama (Mike), is the driving force behind the successful performances Don Quixote, The Emperor’s New Clothes, Trench Road and Red Line.

The duo has worked together since 2012 with over 350 performances. They adapt texts and take part in directing their performances. Every new project is prepared with great commitment, studying the lives of the authors and traveling to the actual locales mentioned in the texts they are working on.

This commitment and experience in working together has led to many things. First of all, anything can happen in their shows. The duo takes risks and still manages to bring their shows home every time. It feels like the perfect marriage of a young Iggy Pop rock concert and a classical theater play. Secondly, this meth- od allows the performances to evolve, and through the years, they’ve continued to just get better and better.

Ruuskanen and Vasama are also talented multi-instrumentalists who bring strong moods into their performance through the live music they play. They perform in Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish and French and are happy to mix languages if they have a multilingual audience.

Red Nose Company's Ensemble

  • Teemu Aromaa
  • Eero Järvinen
  • Amira Khalifa
  • Riku Korhonen
  • Minna Puolanto
  • Nora Raikamo
  • Timo Ruuskanen
  • Kiureli Sammallahti
  • Hanna Seppä
  • Niina Sillanpää
  • Tatu Siivonen
  • Tuukka Vasama
  • Jari Virman