The Emperor´s New Clothes is a finalist at The Good The@ter Festival 2020


The Emperor´s New Clothes is a finalist at The Good The@ter Festival 2020

Red Nose Company, kuva: Tero Ahonen

The Red Curtain International announced the Finalists in their Good The@ter Festival & Awards. We are happy to be among the finalist with the show The Emperor´s New Clothes. This festival is truly international celebration of e-theatre!

The Emperor´s New Clothes is a groovy theatre for the whole family and performed in English.

The Emperor´s New Clothes has two showings:
Showing 1, Saturday, November 28, 01:30 PM (Finnish time)
Showing 2, Saturday, November 28, 08:30 PM (Finnish time)

What is The Good The@ter Festival?

The Good The@ter Festival & Aw@rds was created by The Red Curtain International with an aim to honor the best theater talent in the world that have performed online, to a real-time audience, irrespective of geographies, boundaries, language barriers, and definitely the world crisis.

Amongst the Finalists are performances from Brazil, the USA, the UK, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Cape Verde, Nigeria, Senegal, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Iran, India, Singapore.

The Aw@rds emphasize the live connection between audience and performer. They are in each other’s presence at the same time. Making geography history.

Each production will be e-staged twice over Zoom so that anyone with a wi-fi connection anywhere in the world can experience the@ter from the safety of their homes. Without losing sleep.

The Festiv@l has been designed to save lives. Proceeds go to StayIN aLIVE, a non-profit in India dedicated to helping disadvantaged theater artisans survive. Just one Season Pass for the entire festival, that will play over November 21 & 22, 28 & 29, at USD 90 is enough for a starving artisan to stay alive for another month. The shows can be watched for free. Donate what you can. (However, if you make a booking and don’t show up, you are expected to donate $10 for each time you did not use a link.)


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