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Trench Road


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11.12.2019 19:00 Varkauden teatteri
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Aika Esitys Tickets
13.2.2020 19:00 Kouvolan teatteri

Actors Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama have been touring in Finland for the last five years with their popular theatre shows. Now the duo brings on stage an English version of their hit show Juoksuhaudantie.

Trench Road is based on a novel by Kari Hotakainen, one of the best-selling authors in Finland. It reveals the essence of the Finnish way of life and mentality, with a gentle touch of irony. The show is spiced up with live music, as the actors perform rock-classics from Neil Young to U2 and Johnny Cash.

I’ve never laughed this much in theatre.” -spectator


On stage: Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama
Director by: Otso Kautto
Dramaturgy: Timo Ruuskanen and Tuukka Vasama
Text: Kari Hotakainen
Finnish translation: Nely Keinänen
Production: Niina Bergius, Anna Jauhola & Mika Vainio / Red Nose Company

Duration: 2 hours (incl. intermission)
Age recommendation: For adults and for youth over 14 years
Language: Finnish & English


”The audience laughs from the very beginning to the end. The actors improvise and build up a good connection with the spectators. Absolute fun, lovely performance.”
– Satakunnan kansa -newspaper

Witty, bright and great fun!
– Theatre and Dance -magazine