Red Nose Company

The Hottest independent theatre in Finland

Red Nose Company´s shows combine classical drama and contemporary texts with physical comedy, live music and witty stand up comedy. All this wrapped up in stylish clownery with the beauty of the red nose.

We`ve been on tour from 2008, and have performed to over 40 000 fans during last 5 years! We co-operate with all of the biggest theaters in Finland, including the National Theatre. Currently we have 5 shows running: Babylon, Don Quixote, Trench Road, Emperor´s new Clothes and Red Line.

We have performances available in Finnish, English and Swedish. Join us and witness the Red Nose experience!

”Witty, bright and great fun!” – Theatre and Dance -magazine

”I’ve never laughed this much in theatre.” – spectator


  • Teemu Aromaa
  • Eero Järvinen
  • Amira Khalifa
  • Riku Korhonen
  • Minna Puolanto
  • Nora Raikamo
  • Timo Ruuskanen
  • Kiureli Sammallahti
  • Hanna Seppä
  • Niina Sillanpää
  • Tatu Siivonen
  • Tuukka Vasama
  • Jari Virman